Raspberry Plants - Royalty

(Rubus idaeus) Deciduous. Zone 4. Thorny.

 * Available in bundles of three plants or bundles of ten plants. *

Royalty is a late season Raspberry cultivar that combines the large fruit size and vigor of a purple hybrid with the fruit quality of a red raspberry. Royalty Raspberry produces huge, sweet berries, excellent for fresh eating and jam.

When firm and red, Royalty tastes like a traditional raspberry; left longer, it turns purple and develops a stronger, sweeter flavour; when overripe, it is much darker and tastes like a black raspberry!

Royalty’s long, thorny canes are very productive and sucker sparingly. Fruit grows only on second year canes. Regular pruning of spent canes as well as sturdy support make for much better productivity and easier harvest.

Royalty Raspberry is self pollinating as flowers have male and female parts. Raspberry is best grown in rich, slightly acidic, moist, well-drained soil in full sun or part shade.

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