Raspberry Plants - Red River

*Spring Shipping Only*

(Rubus idaeus 'Red River') Perennial. Zone 3. Primocane. Everbearing. Few thorns.

 * Available in bundles of three plants or bundles of ten plants. *

Red River is one of the most cold hardy raspberries out there! It was bred specifically for the harsh prairie Winters experienced in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Delicious, medium sized berries grow in abundance from short, 3 foot tall canes. Red River has fewer thorns than most raspberry varieties, making for easy picking.

Even in the coldest climates, Red River is a long-lived raspberry and can continue to bear fruit for close to ten years.

** To regenerate your raspberry patch, and to keep it under control, cut out last years fruiting canes and leave the new one year canes, after fall harvest. For ever-bearing varieties you can cut all canes back to 8 inches as they fruit on first year canes.  We also recommend trimming/mowing the borders of the blackberry patch regularly to prevent unwanted runners.**

** Be sure to read about our shipping & planting information **




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