Raspberry Plants - Red Bounty

(Rubus idaeus) Deciduous. Zone 2.

Red Bounty is an exceptionally high yielding and cold-hardy Raspberry cultivar. The canes are compact, but require support, especially because Red Bounty berries are so large that the laden canes will fall over without it!

The round, bright red berries are wonderfully sweet and flavourful. Red Bounty Raspberry is fantastic for backyard harvesting and market gardens - fruit is easy to pick and makes the most delicious jam!

Raspberry canes are prickly and thicket forming, reaching 3-9 feet tall. Fruit grows only on second year canes. Regular pruning of spent canes as well as sturdy support make for much better productivity and easier harvest.

Red Bounty Raspberry is self pollinating as flowers have male and female parts. Raspberry is best grown in rich, slightly acidic, moist, well-drained soil in full sun or part shade.
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