Raspberry Plants - Heritage

*Spring Shipping Only*

(Rubus idaeus 'Heritage') Perennial. Zone 4. Primocane. Everbearing. Thorny.

 * Available in bundles of three plants or bundles of ten plants. *

Heritage is a raspberry you can trust for your yearlong berry supply! Tasty medium sized berries come on in Mid-Summer, and follow up with a very abundant secondary crop in the Fall. 

These raspberries are so yummy fresh, but are superb for freezing and preserves.

Canes are self-supporting and will fruit in their first year.

** To regenerate your raspberry patch, and to keep it under control, cut out last years fruiting canes and leave the new one year canes, after fall harvest. For ever-bearing varieties you can cut all canes back to 8 inches as they fruit on first year canes.  We also recommend trimming/mowing the borders of the blackberry patch regularly to prevent unwanted runners.**

** Be sure to read about our shipping & planting information **

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