Haskap Berry Plants - Boreal Blizzard

(Lonicera caerulea) Deciduous. Zones 2-7.

* Available as a single plant or in a bundle of five plants. *

Boreal Blizzard is a Haskap variety with huge, heavy, tart berries. They hold their fruit through to ripening and their size makes them easier to harvest. Boreal Blizzard ripens a bit later than other Haskap varieties, in June or July. Grow Boreal Blizzard alongside other varieties to extend your Haskap harvest and keep the bees buzzing for months.

Haskap plants need an unrelated variety to pollinate flower and produce fruit. Boreal Beast is a great partner for Boreal Blizzard. 

Haskap berries can be eaten fresh or used to make jam, pie, or syrups. Bursting with vitamins and antioxidants, Haskap berries have been used in traditional medicine for centuries!

This low-maintenance medium sized shrub is excellent for edible landscaping and, since it is disease and pest resistant, a perfect choice for organic growers. Prefers rich, moist, well-drained soil.

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