Gooseberry Plants - Black Velvet

(Ribes grossularia) Deciduous. Zone 3-8.

Black Velvet is a small but mighty cold-hardy Gooseberry cultivar that produces high yields of sweet dark purple-red berries. A hybrid of Red Champagne Gooseberry and Worcesterberry, Black Velvet Gooseberry gets its name from the dark, velvety skin of its sweet, flavourful fruit.

Black Velvet produces a high quality dessert fruit -  as big as a grape and flavourful as a blueberry! Kids love to eat these right off the bush! They are also wonderful in jams or baked into a pie.

Easy to grow, self-pollinating, disease and deer resistant, Black Velvet is an excellent choice for edible landscaping. It bears fruit on 2-3 year old spurs and annual pruning will increase productivity and make for easier harvest. Black Velvet Gooseberry thrives in moist, heavy clay soil.

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