Incredible Gift Cards!

The dreams of Winter's waiting. The hope of Spring planting. The wonder of Summer's bounty. The reward of Autumn's harvest.
These are the reasons we think seeds are so incredible & why we love helping people start their gardens. Now, you too can give the invaluable & empowering gift of gardening!
Incredible Seeds gift cards are virtual gift cards. Virtual gift cards eliminate the one-time-use plastic gift cards that inevitably end up in a landfill, or floating in the ocean. Upon purchasing your gift card, you will receive an email containing your gift card & gift card code. This can then be forwarded on to your special someone or printed out and given as a gift. 
*Gift cards have no fees or balance expiration dates! Remaining balances can be carried over to future purchases.
**Incredible Seeds gift cards are redeemable here in our online store
***Incredible Seeds gift cards have no cash value.
****Incredible Seeds gift cards are non-refundable, except in very special circumstances!
  • $25.00

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