Kiwi Vines, Hardy - September Sun

(Actinidia kolomikta 'September Sun') Deciduous Vine. Zones 3-8.

September Sun Arctic Beauty, also known by her Russian name Sentyabraskaya, is a female cultivar that produces abundant yields of large, sweet, flavourful fruit in late summer.. In just 2-3 years it can produce 10-15 pounds of fruit!

Not only does September Sun produce delicious, vitamin-rich fruit, it also has gorgeous foliage. The climbing vines provide a beautiful garden backdrop, with leaves that transform from purple to green to variegated pink and cream through the season. Flowers are fragrant, long-blooming and very attractive to pollinating bees and butterflies.

September Sun Kiwi needs a male pollinator, such as Arctic Beauty Kiwi or Meader. It will tolerate full sun and part shade and prefers loamy, well-drained soil.

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