Kiwi Vines, Hardy - Chung Bai

(Actinidia arguta 'Chung Bai') Deciduous. Zones 4-7.

Chung Bai is an Arctic Kiwi cultivar selected from plants in Korea. Its vigorous and highly productive vines are extremely cold hardy and fantastic for Northern climates.

Chung Bai will add a little variety to your orchard. Its small green fruit has a distinctive apple or heart shape and is quite sweet and smooth skinned. In 3-4 years, each vine can yield up to 100 pounds of fruit, ripening in September or October.

The woody, leafy vines can be trained to climb a sturdy support like a trellis or pergola and provide an excellent shade source and privacy screen.

Chung Bai Arctic Kiwi needs a male pollinator, in this case Meader. It will tolerate full sun or part shade and prefers loamy, well-drained soil.

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