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Our Seed

We’ve selected over 500 of the tastiest and most beautiful heirloom and open pollinated plant varieties for our catalogue and we want to share them with you!
Why? With big agro-business running the show, much of the genetic diversity of our world food supply is disappearing. We have witnessed Monsanto sue farmers for inadvertently growing their genetically engineered corn "without a license". Corn pollinates like crazy, and over miles. GM pollen can contaminate open pollinated varieties and it's that accidental genetic content that led to lawsuits!
Can you imagine?
The diversity in our supermarkets is shrinking; there are only a handful of vegetable varieties available at the grocery store & those have been grown with long-term storage and transportability in mind, not flavour and nutrition.
Here at Incredible Seeds we are passionate about handing the power of the seed back to the people! We love helping you start your gardens! All our seed is open pollinated, heirloom and grows true-to-type. What’s more is, if you follow proper seed saving protocol, you can gather your own seed from the varieties we offer, again and again, for seasons to come.  
We believe that good food is the cornerstone of good health. We’ve naturally amended our garden soil for optimum soil health and nutrient density. We grow food sustainably, without the use of chemicals. May you do the same!