Bunny Hunt 2020

We are delaying the Bunny Hunt 2020 draw so that we can focus on getting your seeds in the mail.

Thank you so much for your support

We love you. Be good to one another. 🌈 

Hilary & Christopher



Our pet rabbit has escaped & she is eating her way through our virtual garden!
This little rabbit is hiding in TEN places in our catalogue.
All you have to do is find her!
Help us find her & you could win a $75 Incredible Seeds gift certificate.



1. Help us by finding our rabbit in ten different seed/plant pictures in our online catalogue: www.incredibleseeds.ca

2. When you have found all ten hiding places, send your findings, as well as you name, address and phone number to: contest@incredibleseeds.ca

3. After we receive your entry, providing that your answers are correct, we will enter your name in a draw to win one of three $75 Incredible Seeds gift certificates!

4. Your $75 prize can be used toward a new purchase or applied to any order already made in 2020.

5. You must live in Canada to enter. Please only one entry per household.

6. Entries must be received by midnight (Pacific Standard Time), Thursday March 19, 2020. This is the LAST DAY OF WINTER!  *Technically, March 19th IS the Equinox, but not until 11:49pm so.... 

The following day, Friday, March 20th is the first full day of Spring! - and we'll be drawing three lucky winners!

Hopefully we'll catch our pesky rabbit too...

Have fun & good luck! 

Hilary & Christopher