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Ground Cherry Seeds - Aunt Molly's
(Physalis) 65 days. Annual, but self-seeds readily. Polish heirloom. "Aunt Molly" did well when she gathered seeds for this beauty! Aunt Molly's ground cherry is sweet, tangy and SOOO prolific!...
Ground Cherry Seeds - Goldie
75 days. Annual, but self-seeds readily. Ground cherries, often called "husk cherries", are similar to tomatillos in appearance, but differ completely in flavour! Goldie Ground Cherries taste almost tropical and...
Melon Seeds - Klondike Blue Ribbon Watermelon
(Citrullus lanatus) 85 days to maturity. 1900's Heirloom. Klondike Blue Ribbon Watermelons are sure to dazzle at any late summer picnics, weighing up to 30 lbs! For such a large fruit,...
Rhubarb Seeds - Victoria
(Rheum rhabarbarum) Perennial. Zones 4-8. Victoria is a gentle, mild rhubarb that is just superb for cooking. Stalks are pink, tender and I'll say sweet, on the rhubarb sweetness scale....