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Amaranth Seeds - Emerald Tassels
(Amaranthus caudatus) Annual.  Emerald Tassels offers a spectacular show of green flower/seed heads for your kitchen and floral arrangements. The seeds can be ground into flour or popped like popcorn...
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Amaranth Seeds - Hopi Red Dye
(Amaranthus cruentus) Annual. 110 days to maturity. Hopi Red Dye Amaranth is a fabulous multi-purpose plant. Beautiful as a bouquet filler, it’s flowers are the reddest of all amaranth. It’s...
Artichoke Seeds - Green Globe
(Cynara cardunculus var. scolymus) Tender Perennial. 85 days. Heirloom Artichoke Seeds – 1883. Green Globe Heirloom Artichokes grow into four foot tall plants with green and purple leaves. The thick flavourful heads...
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Kale Seeds - Sea
(Crambe maritima) Perennial, zones 5-9. This is truly an amazing plant! Sea Kale is native to the European seaside, from The Black Sea and Mediterranean, all the way up into the...
Kenikir Greens Seeds
(Cosmos sulphureus) Annual. 60 days to maturity. Kenikir is a favourite of Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia. Young shoots can be eaten raw, or added to your smoothies. Leaves are used...
Quinoa Seeds - Cherry Vanilla
(Chenopodium quinoa) Annual. 100 days to maturity.   Cherry Vanilla Quinoa is truly a multifaceted gem! Baby leaves are mild, bright and delicious in salads; tall, draping flower stalks make for...