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Maple Tree Seeds - Japanese Green Cutleaf
(Acer palmatum dissectum) Deciduous. Zones 5-8. Green Cutleaf Japanese Maple has wonderfully feathery leaves and reaches 6-10 feet in height. This extremely ornamental tree is really more of a shrub...
Maple Tree Seeds - Korean
 (Acer pseudo-sieboldianum) Perennial. Zones 4 - 9. Native range—Northeastern China. Korea. Very cold hardy and compact. Leaves can change to vibrant colours in the Fall—green, red, orange and yellow. A...
Maple Tree Seeds - Paperbark Maple
(Acer griseum) Deciduous. Zones 5-8. Our favourite maple tree is one of the most beloved and desirable small shade tree anyone could ever wish for! 🤍 Paperbark Maple is extremely ornamental...
Maple Tree Seeds - Upright Japanese Green
(Acer palmatum dissectum var. 'Seiryu') Perennial. Zones 5 - 8. Native range—Japan, Korea and China. A beautiful Japanese Maple with delicate Spring foliage. A popular variety for bonsai cultivation. Its...
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Maple Tree Seeds - Sugar Maple
(Acer saccharum) Deciduous. Zones 3 - 8. Everything we do now has an effect on generations to come. Why not make your legacy a delicious one! Plant a Sugar Maple...