Yes, you can purchase tasteless, styrofoam-like monstrosities year round at most grocery stores and if you're lucky to live rurally, chances are you can find a sprayed berry U-pick somewhere nearby. 

But there nothing more rewarding and enjoyable than organically grown strawberries fresh from your own garden!

We are so pleased to be offering a variety of cold hardy strawberry plants this year!

All of our strawberry varieties have been bred to thrive in our ruthless Canadian climate and are absolutely scrumptious to boot!

 *Many of our strawberry varieties are Red Stele Resistant (RSR). Red Stele Disease, also know as Lanarkshire Disease is a fungal disease that affects strawberry plants. It can be brought about when strawberries are grown in heavy, saturated clay soils and when conditions are particularly wet and cool. In order to deter this disease, please plant your strawberry plants in well draining soil.*


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