Fava Bean Seeds - Windsor

(Vicia faba) 75 days. English Heirloom 1863.

These huge broad beans are perfectly suited for our shorter seasons. They are even slightly frost tolerant; a great choice if you experience those cool late-Spring nights. Pods can grow to 7 inches each with each pod containing 5 - 7 fava beans.


Growth Habit: Bush Bean, 36 inches tall. *Although Windsor Fava are bush beans, a good crop is heavy & can weigh down plants. Trellising can help to keep them up, but is not required.* 

Sun Requirements: Best in Full Sun

Soil Preference: Rich, well draining garden soil (balanced pH)

When to Plant: Fava beans thrive in cooler temperatures & are frost tolerant, so plant in early Spring, when the soil is first workable (When you would plant peas.) Alternatively, plant a Fall crop in mid-August for an October harvest.

How to Plant: Soak bean seeds over night to quicken germination. Hoe out a shallow furrow, 1 inch deep. Space bean seeds every 2 inches. Cover seeds with soil & tamp down soil to improve contact with seeds. (Tamping also creates a trough that catches water, delivering it straight to the seeds!) Water thoroughly after planting. 

When to Harvest: After about 75 days, when pods are plump & bright green.


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