Endive Seeds - Très Fine Maraichère - Heirloom Untreated NON-GMO From Canada

Endive Seeds - Très Fine Maraichère

(Cichorium envdivia var. crispum) 65 days.

Très Fine, or Frisée Endive is a classic French green. It is slightly bitter, but absolutely delicious with a lemon vinaigrette.  This very decorative leafy green is wonderful in mixed greens, adding beauty and texture.

A wonderful cool season-vegetable, Très Fine  is a classic heirloom endive that adds a zippy, crispy bite to a cold or warm salad. It is easy to grow and super hardy and tolerant to cold temperatures and wet weather.

Endive is also super nutritious, rich in vitamins and minerals and high in fibre. It is a wonderful way to add texture and flavour to salad or soups. It can be enjoyed raw in a salad and its hearty leaves stand up well to a creamy, zesty dressing, or a robust, warm dressing with bacon or other strong, rich flavours, like blue cheese or anchovies. It is also yummy sauteed, braised, or added to soups.

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