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Bleu de Solaise Leek Seeds
120 days. Bleu de Solaise is a wonderful, cold hardy leek out of France. It's squat, bulky stocks last well into the winter and even through until Spring with some...
Carentan Leek Seeds
(Allium porum) 100 days. Heirloom Leek, Switzerland 1880s. This rare Swiss leek is a flavourful behemoth! Carentan Leeks average diameters of 2 inches! White stems are are around 8 inches...
Giant Musselburgh Leek Seeds
100 days. Heirloom Leek Variety. Giant Musselburgh leeks are a wonderful, older variety. This large, reliable, mild flavoured leek is a great staple for Autumn and Winter. This leek is...
King Sieg Leek Seeds
80 days. The King Sieg Leek has three inch wide stems, lovely blue and green leaves. These wonderful plants are a treat in the garden and in the kitchen!