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Celery Seeds - Cutting Celery
60 days to maturity. Adding the same great flavour to soups and stews, cutting celery is easier to grow than stalk celery and comes back quickly and vigorously. The stalks...
Celery Seeds - Pink Plume
(Apium graveolens) 85 days to maturity. Heirloom Celery, 1894. Pink Plume might be small in stature but offers an intense celery/fennel-like flavour. This unusual heirloom is lovely in the garden...
Celery Seeds - Redventure
110 days to maturity.Redventure celery’s dark green leaves contrast nicely with its full red and pink stalks to make this a true garden standout.   If you’re looking for something new...
Celery Seeds - Utah
(Apium graveolens var. dulce) 100 days to maturity.Utah celery is widely grown and disease resistant. It has tall stalks that are sweet and smooth with leafy tops. It is cold tolerant and...