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Corn Seeds - Country Gentleman
90 days. First introduced in 1890. This lovely, sweet white corn features 8" ears, with zigzagging kernels. Stalks grow to 8ft in height. Excellent for fresh eating, lightly cooked or...
Corn Seeds - Dakota Black Popcorn
(Zea mays) 95 days to maturity. Dakota Black Popcorn is a beautiful corn variety, its kernels are shimmery black with a slight hint of red when held in the light....
Corn Seeds - Glass Gem
(Zea mays) 105 days to maturity. Whoa! Can you believe it? Super sweet for fresh eating when young & excellent for popping or making meal & flour when mature. Ears...
Corn Seeds - Miniature Blue Popcorn
(Zea mays everta) Annual. 100 days to maturity. Wow, this unique Miniature Blue Popcorn looks amazing and is fabulously light and tasty! Miniature Blue Popcorn is great for decorating your home in the Fall or a...
Corn Seeds - Painted Mountain
(Zea mays) 70-90 days to maturity.Painted Mountain Corn is a very exciting variety, having been developed by a Montana farmer named Dave Christensen over the past 30 years. Dave has...
Corn Seeds - Stowell's Evergreen Sweet
(Zea mays) 100 days to maturity. Heirloom Corn variety from the late 1800s. Super sweet, light kernels. Ears ripen evenly and stocks can reach 9ft in height. This is a classic for...
Corn Seeds - Strawberry Popcorn
100 days to maturity. Heirloom Corn, 1800s. Very unique! Strawberry Popcorn plants bear 2-3 inch strawberry shaped ears with deep red kernels. This dwarf corn variety grows to 4ft in...
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Corn Seeds - Golden Bantam
(Zea mays) 80 days to maturity. Heirloom Golden Bantam Corn, early 1900s.  This golden oldie is a classic yellow corn. Super sweet and great for fresh eating; we prefer this corn...