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School Fundraisers

We strive to maintain a small shop kinda feel. If we had a store front, you bet we'd feature fundraisers for our kids' school! 
  We live in Inverness County, Cape Breton. One amazing benefit of living in this beautiful part of the world is that we have Taigh Sgoile na Drochaide right down the road. This is Canada's first Gaelic immersion elementary school, established in 2021. 

In the late-1800s, Scottish Gaelic was actually the third most common language spoken across Canada. Historically, both here in Cape Breton & in Scotland, children would lose their Gaelic when they started school, due to linguistic oppression & strict punishments. When a language goes, culture & worldview diminish, HOWEVER... 

Tha Ghàidhlig beò fhathast! | Gaelic is still alive!

You may have noticed little sprinklings of Gaelic language & lore throughout our website & newsletters. Gaelic was my (Hilary) family's mother tongue & my great grandmother's first language. I've been learning Gaelic for many years & I am so grateful that my children get to go to a school where our language & traditions are built into their day-to-day. They don't even realize the cultural revitalization work they're doing, because to them, being a Gael is just naturalized into their every day.  ❤ 

As an independent school, Taigh Sgoile na Drochaide 100% community funded.

We are so grateful for your support!