Feedin' The Bees Seed Collection

This year when you plan your garden, please don't forget about perennial flowers!

Our Feedin' the Bees seed collection contains one packet each of Mountain MintGloriosa Daisy RudbeckiaWild Lupin, Echinacea, Angelica and Borage (self seeding annual).


** 80% of proceeds from our "Feedin' The Bees" collection is donated to Mikmaq Water Protectors, who are guarding the Shubenacadie & Stewiacke Rivers. To learn more about the Stop Alton Gas Project & environmental racism in Mi'kma'ki / Nova Scotia, watch "There's Something In The Water" on Netflix.


Here on Earth, we share space with so many amazing creatures. And so many of these amazing beings are struggling because of pollution and habitat destruction. 

Our insect neighbours, in particular, are being affected.

"...Half of the moth and butterfly species studied are in decline, with one-third threatened with extinction, and the numbers for beetles are almost exactly the same. Meanwhile, nearly half of surveyed bees and ants are threatened." - National Geographic, February 4th ,2019

That matters in a big way, as insects are the based of many ecosystem food cycles. They are also important for human food systems. We all rely on insects to pollinate our food. No pollination; no fruit, no seeds, no food for livestock, no food for us. 

In addition to adding more flowers to your landscape, we highly recommend allowing some of it to be reclaimed by Nature. Let part of your lawn go to meadow. Let the forest creep in a few more feet. And please, please garden responsibly! Refrain from using herbicides,pesticides or chemical fertilizers. 

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