Sea Kale Seeds (Crambe maritima)

(Crambe maritima) Perennial, zones 5-9.

This is truly an amazing plant! Sea Kale is native to the European seaside, from The Black Sea and Mediterranean, all the way up into the North Atlantic. A robust wild brassica, Sea Kale is a great choice for the enthusiastic permaculturist, or simply the lazy gardener; food that you don't have to think about! 

Young leaves are tender and delicious, with a slight salty flavour. As the leaves mature, they do become slightly bitter, but remain edible throughout the whole Summer! The best part is that is that Sea Kale is a self seeding perennial and not only will it come back from year to year, but it will plant itself - without becoming invasive.

In the flower garden, Sea Kale can be a great architectural feature; large textured leaves form a blue-green base that stands 1-2 feet high. When the flowers come on, the stretch to 3 feet and are pure white.

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