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Pepper Seeds, Hot - Ancho Poblano
(Capsicum annuum) 85 days to maturity. Ancho Poblano Hot Peppers are sweet, with just enough bite to classify them as 'hot'. They are part of the holy trinity of peppers in Mexican...
Pepper Seeds, Hot - Cayenne, Orange
(Capsicum annuum) 75 days to maturity. Cayenne Orange Hot Peppers ripen from dark green to bright orange, staying small, smooth and glossy. Depending on their growing conditions, these peppers can range...
Pepper Seeds, Hot - Mushroom Red Cap
(Capsicum annuum) 85-95 days to maturity. JamaicaMushroom Red Hot Peppers are similar to Scotch Bonnets in both appearance and flavor, transitioning from lime green to shiny red peppers when mature....
Pepper Seeds, Hot - Pasillia Bajio
(Capsicum annuum) 80 days to maturity. Pasillia Bajio Hot Peppers have a rich, smoky and rather complex flavor, while their heat level is rather mild, coming in at 1000 - 2000 Schoville...
Pepper Seeds, Hot - Purple Tiger
(Capsicum annuum) 90 days to maturity. Purple Tiger Hot Peppers can be grown for ornamental or culinary purposes. They remain a rather small plant, perfect for container gardening, with lovely variegated...
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Pepper Seeds, Hot - Fireworks
(Capsicum annuum) 80 - 90 days to maturity. Heirloom. Fireworks Ornamental Peppers create a burst of cute yellow, orange, red, and purple peppers. Bred for their show stopping appearance and not...