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Lettuce Seeds - Blushed Butter Cos
(Lactuca sativa) 45 days to maturity. Blushed Butter Cos Lettuce shows off the best of both a romaine and butter head variety. It has ruffled pink-green leaves that are juicy, buttery and...
Lettuce Seeds - Emerald Oak
(Lactuca sativa) 60 days to maturity.Emerald Oak Lettuce offers perfect salad sized leaves, both from early growth to mature heads. This is an open pollinated variety, created from the cross of...
Lettuce Seeds - Joker
(Lactuca sativa) 55 days to maturityJoker Lettuce is as beautiful as a painting, no joke! Its leaves are a light green that have splashes of pink and smatterings of red. ...
Lettuce Seeds - Mayan Jaguar
(Lactuca sativa) 51 days to maturity. Jaguar Lettuce won't bite, but it lives up to its fierce name, with bold maroon spots on dark green leaves. It's classically crispy Romaine leaves,...
Lettuce Seeds - Outredgeous
(Lactuca sativa) 35 days (leaves), 55 days (full size head) Outredgeous Lettuce has one of the reddest leaves you'll ever see! Their slightly frilly leaves, bright vibrant colour and sweet...