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Broccoli Seeds - Kailaan Chinese
(Brassica oleracea var alboglabra) 60-70 days to maturity.Kailaan Chinese Broccoli tolerates heat much better than other broccoli and kale varieties, expanding its harvest window. It can be planted from early...
Cabbage Seeds - Aichi Chinese
(Brassica rapa var Pekinensis ‘Aichi’) 70 days to maturity.Aichi Chinese Cabbage is a heirloom variety from Japan. It produces a large ‘barrel-shape head’ that is compact and prefers growing in...
Cabbage Seeds - Kogane Japanese
(Brassica rapa var pekinensis) 70-80 days to maturity.Kogane Cabbage is a heirloom variety from Japan. With a distinct yellow core, this cabbage is rightfully named Kogane - the Japanese word...
Kenikir Greens Seeds
(Cosmos sulphureus) Annual. 60 days to maturity. Kenikir is a favourite of Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia. Young shoots can be eaten raw, or added to your smoothies. Leaves are used...
Mizuna Seeds - Red Streaked
(Brassica rapa (Japonica)) 25 days (baby leaves), 45 days (fully mature)Red Streaked Mizuna is a Japanese Heirloom that is prized for its peppery gourmet qualities. It is slow to bolt...
Yu Choy Sum Seeds - Jung Green
(Brassica rapa var parachinesis) 40-45 days to maturity.Jung Green Yu Choy Sum is a fast growing green for early and late summer planting. These greens are harvested as Yu Choy,...