Hops Vines - Mount Hood

(Humulus lupulus) Deciduous. Zone 5-8.

Mount Hood is a high-yielding Hops cultivar beautifully suited to cooler, coastal climates. In beer making, Mount Hood Hops lends honey sweetness and herbal undertones and is known for its distinct yet clean and mild woodsy aroma.

Hops is a fantastic solution if you’re looking for a dense, quick-growing vine to add some charm or bring some shade to your garden. Mount Hood Hops scales a trellis or pergola in no time, reaching 25 feet and beyond!

Mount Hood Hops prefers full sun or part shade and moist soil, but is easily grown in average well-drained soil and has excellent disease resistance. Hops vines can be pruned to the ground in the Fall - perennial roots send up new growth in Spring.

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