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Angelica Seeds
(Angelica archangelica) Perennial Biennial. 60-90 days. Note: In certain conditions this plant can become invasive. Angelica is an incredibly beautiful and architectural plant in the garden. It is a multifaceted...
Anise Hyssop
(Agastache Foeniculum) Perennial. 75-85 days. Zones 4-8. This uplifting little plant grows about 2' to 3' tall and will welcome many pollinators to your garden, especially bumble bees! Anise Hyssop...
Calendula Seeds
(Calendula officinalis) Annual. 50-55 days to maturity. Calendula flowers are simple, cheerful and so versatile. Flowers are daisy-like in vibrant yellows and oranges! Calendula historically serves as a dye plant; pale...
Calendula Seeds - Resina
(Calendula officinalis) Annual. 50-55 days to maturity. Calendula Resina flowers are simple, cheerful and so versatile like its companion Common Calendula. Flowers are similarly daisy-like in vibrant yellows and oranges. Calendula historically...
Calendula Seeds - Triangle Flashback
(Calendula officinalis) Annual. 50-55 days to maturity. Triangle Flashback is an unusual Calendula that, in many ways, resembles a strawflower. Peachy petals are still soft though and attract plenty of...
Hyssop Seeds
(Hyssopus officinalis) Perennial. Zone 3. 85-90 days. Hyssop produces lovely sprigs of bright blue flowers, that are just irresistible to pollinators! If you grow any fruit or a vegetable garden,...
Lamb's Ear Seeds
(Stachys byzantina) Perennial. This plant is amazing! Its woolly leaves and purple flowers bring texture and beauty to the garden and its extensive medicinal qualities make it a must have in...
Lavender Seeds - Hidcote Blue
(Lavandula augustifolia 'Hidcote') Perennial. Hardy in zones 4-8.Hidcote Blue Lavender is a stunning compact version of English Lavender, with silver-green foliage and dark purple blooms. It's been said that the...
Lavender Seeds - Munstead
(Lavandula angustifolia 'Munstead') Perennial. Zones 4 - 9. Munstead Lavender is extremely fragrant! Its dark mauve/blue flowers bloom in early Summer, a beautiful treat for all your sense. Munstead is...
Lavender Seeds - Old-Fashioned English Lavender (Vera)
(Lavandula angustifolia Vera) Perennial.  Zones 4-5. This classic heirloom lavender is the best! Extremely fragrant flowers bloom in early summer and are beautiful in the garden. Perfect for anything from...
Lavender Seeds - Spike
(Lavandula latifolia) Perennial BUT only hardy in zones 8-9. Spike Lavender has quite a reputation! Lavandula is the essential oil that gives Lavender most of its pleasantly fragrant qualities, and Spike Lavender has the highest...