Kiwi Vines

(Actinidia arguta) Deciduous Vine. Zones 4-8.

Arctic Kiwi is a smaller, fuzzless version of what you will find in most grocery stories. It is predicted that demand for these locally grown, cold-hardy fruit will rise in the very near future. Arctic Kiwi fruit are about the size of a grape, very sweet, and high in vitamin C.

The woody vines of Arctic Kiwi are incredibly productive, and with just a bit of pruning can bear upwards of 100 pounds each at maturity! The vines can be trained up a sturdy trellis or pergola and make wonderful fast-growing privacy screens in summer.

Some gardeners grow Arctic Kiwi for their outstanding foliage alone! The heart shaped leaves unfurl as purple and mature to bright green with variegated white and pink, transforming through the season. The white parts of the leaf have a frosty appearance. These plants definitely invite a second look when in full colour! Arctic Kiwi is dioecious and male plants usually have better leaf varigation than female plants.

The tiny greenish-white flowers are fragrant - bees love them - though flowers are mostly hidden by foliage until they swell into beautiful edible grape-sized fruit in early Fall! Female plants need a male pollinator to set fruit. Cats love to chew the leaves and deer and rabbit will nibble on the branches.

Hardy Arctic Kiwi will tolerate full sun and part shade and prefers loamy, well-drained soil.