Berkeley Tie-Dye - Slicer Tomato Seeds

(Solanum lycopersicum) Compact Indeterminate. 68 days. 

One of THE BEST tomatoes out there! Berkeley Tie-Die in an all out winner in every category. For starters, it is absolutely, friggin' gorgeous! (Please excuse my Nova Scotian tongue...)

Berkeley Tie-Dye produces masses of massive fruit that is disease resistant, full of that exquisite, complex dark tomato flavour, juicy and has the perfect texture for a slicer. It is also an indeterminate, meaning it will go on fruiting FOREVER - at least until frost - but, this tomato is compact in its growth habit, so you won't be trying to wrangle 12 foot vines.

 A consistent winner of taste tests the world over - and one of our personal faves - , Berkeley Tie-Dye is a Yes!


  • $4.99

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