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Tomato Seeds - Alaska
Semi-Determinate. 59 days. Heirloom Tomato Seeds. One of the earliest maturing varieties, Alaska Heirloom Tomatoes are perfect for salads and sandwiches. Great tomato taste.  Plants are short, less than two feet tall and very...
Tomato Seeds - Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye
Compact Indeterminate. 68 days. One of THE BEST tomatoes out there! Pink Berkeley Tie-Die in an all out winner in every category. For starters, it is absolutely, friggin' gorgeous! (Please excuse my Nova...
Tomato Seeds - Sasha Altaï
Determinate. 57 days.  Called "the best tomato in all of Siberia" and voted one of the best early tomatoes in the world, Sasha's Altaï Heirloom Tomato would seem to be quite the variety...
Tomato Seeds - Vintage Wine
Indeterminate. 84 days. Vintage Wine Tomatoes were consistently singled out as being one of the best on the farm. It is a beautifully flavourful beefsteak tomato. Its deep red colour is complimented...
Tomato Seeds, Cherry - Amy's Sugar Gem
Indeterminate. 71 days. Frost resistant!! Amy’s Sugar Gem had us marveling in the later part of the season as it was noticeably not affected by the seasons first frosts! After the first three frosts...
Tomato Seeds, Cherry - Ildi
Indeterminate. 54 days. Ildi is a truly special early maturing cherry tomato. Such a pleasure to watch grow, Ildi produces massive clusters of delicious yellow cherry tomatoes. We counted as...
Tomato Seeds, Cherry - Yellow Currant
Indeterminate. 75 days. Yellow Currant Cherry Tomatoes produce some of the most charming little tomatoes you'll ever see! Growing to approximately 1 cm in diameter, your plant will produce hundreds...
Tomato Seeds, Cherry - Yellow Gooseberry
Indeterminate. 75 days. A new favourite of ours, Yellow Gooseberry Cherry produced small to medium tomatoes, and in abundance! Enjoy enormous harvests of beautifully rounded fruit, big on sweetness! As the fruit...
Tomato Seeds, Paste - Cuore di Bue
Indeterminate. 75 days. Cuore di Bue Tomatos are an heirloom variety from Northern Italy, translating from Italian to mean Oxheart. These heart shaped beauties are one of the best we've...