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Shiso Seeds - Red
(Perilla frutescens) Annual. 80-85 days to maturity.  Frilly red leaves taste like minty-basil. Used in soups, sushi and salads. A commonly grown Asian green. Each packet contains approximately 100 open...
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Shiso Seeds - Britton
(Perilla frutescens) Annual. 80-85 days. Britton Shiso is a commonly grown Asian green. Flavour is comparable to a basil-mint mix. Leaves are green on top and red underneath! Each packet...
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Shiso Seeds - Green
(Perilla frutescens) 80-85 days. Shiso's flavour is comparable to a basil-mint mix. Leaves are bright green. Commonly used in Asia. * Shiso requires a 3 week cold period* **Sow on soil surface. These...