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(Vitis vinifera) Deciduous. Zone 6-9.

It is now possible to grow a delicious table grape in Northern Canadian climates! New cold-hardy cultivars produce smaller fruit than imported grapes, but they are sweet and delicious for fresh eating as well as processing.

Grapevines are a wonderful addition to any backyard, creating drama and seclusion to a garden nook garden structure. They are vigorous, productive, and can live for 30 years or more! Grape does best when given a sturdy structure, good air circulation, and regular pruning. Left to their own devices, the woody vines can climb to treetops and sprawl over low growing shrubbery.

Grapes develop more sugar when left on the vine until a frost. The Queen of fruits, the grape has a long history and has been harvested for medicinal and nutritional purposes since Neolithic times. They are known to improve heart health, prevent numerous disorders and ailments, and are high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

The fruit is commonly enjoyed fresh, dried as raisins, juiced, or fermented to make wine. Grape leaves can be used to make traditional Greek dolmas, or stuffed grape leaves, or added to homemade pickles to keep them crunchy! Grape vines are wonderful for wreath-making or woven into baskets, wall-hangings, or other creative shapes.

Grape does best in full sun and prefers well-drained soil, but it is quite adaptable.

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