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BABY Blue Hubbard Squash Seeds
(Cucurbita maxima) 100 days. Heirloom squash, 1950s. Baby Blue Hubbard is a great storage squash for folks with limited space. Fruits weigh in at around 6lbs, half the size of...
Black Futsu Squash Seeds
(Cucurbita moschata) 105 days to maturity. A very nutty Heirloom Japanese squash, Black Futsu are insect resistant and produce small to medium sized flat, deeply ribbed fruit. Starting off dark green,...
Blue Hubbard Squash Seeds
(Cucurbita maxima) 110 days. Heirloom Squash Seeds. A wonderful large blue squash. Blue Hubbard Heirloom Squash has thick and bumpy skin which is hard to break through but once you do, reveals a golden...
Burgess Buttercup Winter Squash Seeds
(Cucurbita maxima) 95 days. Fantastic buttercup squash. Fruits are 3-5 pounds with a rich flavour. The flesh is orange, sweet and not fibrous. Average yield is 4 squash per plant.
BUSH Delicata Squash Seeds
(Cucurbita pepo) 80 days. If you love Delicata Squash but don't have the space for a sprawling tangle of vines, this is the plant for you. Ideal for patios &...
Green Striped Cushaw Squash Seeds
(Cucurbita mixta) 110 days to maturity. Heirloom Squash Seeds - 1893. Originating in the West Indies, Green Striped Cushaw Heirloom Squash is the most popular in its class! It has...
Jumbo Pink Banana Squash Seeds
(Cucurbita maxima) 115 days. Pink Banana Squash can produce enormous fruit; up to 75lbs! However, for the best flavour, consider harvesting when they are less than 30lbs. The huge pink...
Marina Di Chioggia Squash Seeds
(Cucurbita maxima) 100 days. Heirloom Squash Seeds. Marina Di Chioggia Squash is a beautiful heirloom from Italy. The squash are dark green, bumpy and weigh in at about 10 pounds. The plants are...
Queensland Blue Squash Seeds
(Cucurbita maxima) 110 days to maturity. Australia - 1932.Queensland Blue Squash are great for winter storage, boasting grey-blue skin, bright orange flesh that's oh so sweet and a mature size...
Red Kuri Winter Squash
(Cucurbita maxima) 95 days. This Japanese squash is early maturing and so yummy! Flesh is sweet and smooth. This has been my go to squash for curried chicken pie this fall!...
Spaghetti Squash Seeds
(Cucurbita pepo) 90 days. Heirloom Squash Seeds. Unique and well deserving of a place in your garden, Spaghetti Heirloom Squash will end up as a treat on your dinner table. When cooked the yellow...
Sweet Dumpling Squash Seeds
(Cucurbita pepo) 100 days. Each Sweet Dumpling Heirloom Squash is the perfect serving size for one person. The fruit are striped green and white. The flesh is orange, sweet, dry and delicious....
Table King Acorn Squash Seeds
(Cucurbita pepo) 90 days to maturity.Table King Acorn Squash is an excellent choice for small spaces! Plants are quite compact, but high yielding, you can expect five or more 1-2...
Table Queen Acorn Squash Seeds
(Cucurbita pepo) 75 days. Heirloom Squash Seeds - 1913. The classic acorn squash! Table Queen Acorn squash are very productive plants. The plants are easy to grow and tolerate poor soil. They produce squash...
Thelma Sanders Sweet Potato Squash Seeds
(Cucurbita pepo) 80 days. Wow! Thelma Sanders a fantastic dry winter squash hailing from Adair County, Missouri. The fruit is acorn-like in and a light tan in colour. When roasted,...
Triamble Shamrock Squash Seeds
 (Cucurbita maxima 'Triamble') 110-120 days to maturity.Triamble Shamrock Squash is a rare Heirloom variety originating from Australia in 1932. This winter squash can grow up to 10 pounds! Its skin...
Tromboncino Squash Seeds
(Cucurbita moschata) 60 days for summer squash, 90 days for winter squash Tromboncino Squash are fun, for those both young and old at heart! As a summer squash, their skin is...
Turban Squash Seeds
(Cucurbita maxima) 100 days. French heirloom, 1820s. The colourful Turban squash can’t get any better for fall decorations. It has a distinctive, pronounced buttercup shape with bright orange, green and...
Waltham Butternut Squash Seeds
(Cucurbita moschata) 85 days. Heirloom Squash Seeds. Waltham Butternut Heirloom Squash is a huge producer of light tan oblong fruit. The bright orange flesh tastes fantastic after a couple months in storage,...
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Delicata Squash Seeds
(Cucurbita pepo) 100 days. Oh Delicata! This reliable, storable Winter squash is a favourite in our house. Delicata squash are extremely sweet and the rind is delicate enough to eat!...