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Apple Seeds - Himalayan Crabapple
(Malus baccata var himilaica) Deciduous. Zones 4 - 7 Himalayan Crab Apple is an extremely cold hardy tree, native to Asia. Its small stature, rounded shape, and thick, twisted branches...
Blue Sausage Fruit Seeds
(Decaisnea fargesii) Perennial. Zone 6 - 10. Lardizabalaceae Family. Native range - Eastern Asia to Western China. Blue Sausage Fruit is a very unique flowering shrub, growing 13-15 feet tall....
Coffee Seeds - Arabica
(Coffea arabica) Zones 9 - 11. Rubiaceae (Madder) Family. Native range—Ethiopia. Have fun growing your own coffee plant! Plants thrive in hot and humid environments. If growing as a house...
Cucamelon Seeds - Mexican Sour Gerkhin
(Melothria scabra) 67 days to maturity.Mexican Sour Gerkhin Cucamelons are simply the cutest vegetable you will grow this year! They are great for garden snacking, but be sure to save some...
Gourd Seeds - Bitter Melon, Futo Spindle
(Momordica charantia) 60-70 days to maturity. Heirloom - Japan. Futo Spindle Bitter Melon Gourds are loaded with vitamins and minerals and are sought after for their health benefits. Growing up...
Gourd Seeds - Bitter Melon, Japanese Long
(Momordica charantia) 60-70 days to maturityJapanese Long Bitter Melon Gourd is best harvested when still green, young and tender. These plants can get very long, up to 12 feet, so...
Grape Seeds - European Wine
(Vitis vinifera) Perennial. Zones 5 - 9. Vitaceae (Grape) Family. Native range—Eastern Europe. For best fruit yields, plant in full sun. Its vining braches can reach 30 feet long. Its...
Hardy Orange Seeds
(Poncirus trifoliata ) Perennial.  Zones 5 - 10 The striking Hardy Orange tree - also known as Chinese Bitter Orange or Trifoliate Orange - while not a true orange, is closely related...
Melon Seeds - Watermelon Klondike Blue Ribbon
(Citrullus lanatus) 85 days to maturity. 1900's Heirloom. Klondike Blue Ribbon Watermelons are sure to dazzle at any late summer picnics, weighing up to 30 lbs! For such a large fruit,...
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Mandarin Melon Berry Seeds
(Maclura tricuspidata cudrania) Zones 6-9. Native to East Asia. Mandarin Melon Berry is known also as Che ( Zhe ) fruit, Chinese Mulberry, Silkworm Tree, or Cudrang. Mandarin Melon Berry...