Chamomile Seeds, Roman

(Chamaemelum nobile) Perennial, zones 4-9. 60-65 days to maturity. 

This perennial Chamomile grows to 6 inches in height and forms a thick, springy groundcover. Roman Chamomile has become a popular, flowering, low-maintenance replacement for the typical lawn, although it does not handle heavy foot traffic.

Like German Chamomile, flowers can be harvested to make an assortment of herbal products..


Growth Habit: Fern-like foliage forms a thick, 6 inch groundcover. Self seeding.

Sun Requirements: Full sun

Soil Preference: Fertile, well drained, sandy loam.

When to Plant: Direct seed in early Spring when the soil can be worked; start indoors 4-6 weeks before transplanting out

How to Plant:  

Direct sow:  scatter Chamomile seeds on soil bed and cover lightly. Keep the soil bed moist until germination. Thin young plants 8” apart.

Transplant:  Sow seeds in flats in containers 1/8“ deep. Chamomile seeds need light, warmth, and moisture to germinate. A heat mat by a window or under grow lights would be ideal. Mist soil regularly to keep moist. Transplant seedlings when they are 1-2” high, spacing plants 8” apart.

When to Harvest: Harvest Chamomile flowers in early morning, before the heat of sun. 

How to Harvest:  Pick fresh flowers, leaving some to self seed, if that is desired.

Uses: A low-maintenance alternative to grassy lawns. Flowers can be used fresh or dried in tea, bath products, and desserts or as beautiful, sweet garnishes.


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