Amaranth Seeds- Hopi Red Dye

(Amaranthus cruentus) Annual. 70 days.

This Amaranth is a fabulous multi-purpose plant. Beautiful as a decorative, its flowers are the reddest of all amaranth & its vibrant fuchsia baby leaves are catching on as the next fashionable microgreen. This plant is used as a dye plant by the Hopi people. Its dark seeds can be harvested as a nutritious, protein rich, gluten-free grain.


Height: Grows to 4 feet

Sun Requirements: Best in Full Sun

Soil Preference: Average, well draining garden soil.

When & How to Plant: 

  • Transplants: Plant seeds indoors about 4 weeks before last expected frost. Transplant out after risk of frost has passed, spacing at 12 inches.
  • Direct Seeding: Sow on soil surface on only just cover seeds, after risk of frost has passed. Thin to 12 inch spacing. 


  • $2.99

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