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Poppy Seeds - After Midnight
 (Papaver somniferum) Self-Seeding Annual.  After-Midnight Poppies are bold, dramatic and simply beautiful! They have four large over-lapping petals that are a rich, deep-burgundy colour; almost the texture of velvet. Standing...
Poppy Seeds - Amphora
(Papaver Somniferum.) Self-Seeding Annual.  100 days to maturity.  A simple white poppy with elegant pink margins. Most pods have a graceful amphora shape. This is a rattlepod type, useful as a...
Poppy Seeds - Black Peony Poppy
(Papaver Somniferum) Self-Seeding Annual.  100 days to maturity.  We hope you enjoy the dramatic effect of the Black Peony Poppy's dark obsidian to burgundy colours on 4' stems. Suitable for fresh cutting, and seed...
Poppy Seeds - Breadseed
(Papaver somniferum)  Self-Seeding Annual.  55-65 days to maturity. Breadseed Poppy is a beautiful classic flower. Early to impress in spring's cool season, be sure to sow your seeds close to...
Poppy Seeds - Corn Poppy
(Papaver rhoeas) Self-Seeding Annual.  65 days to maturity.  Corn Poppy is the quintessential wild European poppy. Very likely the poppy that inspired Lieutenant Colonel John McRae's "In Flanders Fields," written...
Poppy Seeds - Falling in Love
(Papaver rhoeas) Self-Seeding Annual. 90 days to maturity.Falling in Love Poppies will have you blushing at their beauty. Their semi-double, to fully double blooms dance in shades of rose, coral, white,...
Poppy Seeds - Fine Petal Pink Peony
(Papaver sominiferum) Self-Seeding Annual. 90 days to maturity.May we introduce, Fine Petal Pink Peony Poppies, your new garden cheerleaders! Their 4 inch silky, pompom-esque blooms will have both you and your...
Poppy Seeds - Jimi's Purple Haze
(Papaver somnifera) Self-Seeding Annual.  90 days to maturity. Jimi's Purple Haze Poppies look almost tie-dyed, with vibrant magenta petals that have  large deep-purple centers. Their petals are as gentle as tissue...
Poppy Seeds - Mother of Pearl
(Papaver rhoeas) Self-Seeding Annual. 80 days to maturity. This justly named poppy has got to be our favourite poppy. Mother of Pearl's delicate petals vary from red all the way through...
Poppy Seeds - Perky Peony Poppy Mix
(Papaver Somniferum). Self-Seeding Annual. 100 days.   Enjoy vivid colors of ruffled and doubled peony poppies on 4' stems--king's crimson, midnight violet, purple lilac, shocking pink, and snowflake white. Suitable for fresh cutting,...
Poppy Seeds - Rose Peony Poppy
(Papaver Somniferum) Self-Seeding Annual. 100 days. We're proud to offer this new Rose Peony Poppy variety, it's such a beautiful flower and a must-have for ornamental gardens.    ----------------------------------------------------- Growth Habit: Upright growth with branching stems with ruffled...
Poppy Seeds - Shirley Mix
(Papaver rhoeas) Self-Seeding Annual.  65 days.   Shirley Mix Poppy is a fantastic mix of red, rose, pink and white. Poppies are easy to grow and will bloom in Summer.  ------------------------------------...
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Poppy Seeds - Ziar Blue Breadseed
(Papaver rhoeas) Self-Seeding Annual.  65 days.  An incredibly beautiful heirloom flower from Slovakia! Ziar Blue Breadseed Poppy grows to 3 feet tall, with huge showy flowers, and at the end...