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Kiwi Vine Seeds - Bower
(Actinidia arguta Bower) Zones 3 - 7. Deciduous vine. Kiwi Vine, also known as Tara Vine, is a fabulous multi purpose plant.This vigorous, climbing vine provides a beautiful garden backdrop, with leaves...
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Oregon Grape Seeds
 (Mahonia aquifolium) Perennial.  Zones 4-8. Also known as blue barberry, Oregon Grape grows to 8 feet, has beautiful holly-like leaves, prickly stems and deliciously tart berries! The berries can be substituted in...
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Schisandra Seeds - Wu-wei-zi
(Schisandra chinensis) Deciduous, woody vine. Zones 5-9.  Schisandra, Wu-wei is native to Northern China and has a long time history in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Schisandra berries are adaptogenic, increase apatite...
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Spice Bush Seeds
(Lindera benzoin) Perennial. Zone 4 - 8. Anyone who loves a well stocked spice cupboard will want this incredible plant in their garden. Every part of the Spicebush is intensely aromatic! ...