Princess Tree Seeds (Paulownia tomentosa)

(Paulownia tomentosa) Deciduous. Zones 5-8.

We fell in love with this tree a few years ago while wandering Van Dusen Gardens in Vancouver; following our noses to its stunning presence.

Paulownia bears an abundance of intoxicating lavender blooms every Spring. These flowers are edible too! Paulownia is not just a pretty face; her wood is rot and insect resistant and sought after for fine woodworking.

This tree is also unusually adept at cleansing soil of heavy metal content. Princess tree prefers full sun and sandy-loam soil. Reaches 30-40 feet in height.

*Naturally low germination of 40-60%* Paulownia seeds require warm soil temperatures and sunlight to germinate. Plant inside, on top of soil, in a sunny place at the end of Spring (temperatures should fluctuate between 20-30°C to maximize sprouts).

*Excited about growing Flowering Trees from seed? Click for all you need to know.*  

*Paulownia tomentosa is listed as an invasive species in the Southern US. There are no restrictions in Canada. Our outlook on this matter is that humans have been transporting plant matter from one place to another since our earliest, nomadic ancestors spread out and populated the world. Many of our big-agribusiness mono-crops could be considered invasive species as well. More habitat is lost every year to GM corn than to the Princess Tree.*


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