Clover Seeds - Crimson Clover

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Crimson Clover is a beautiful and beneficial edible ground cover. There are so many reasons to plant clover in your gardens or indoors.

A hardy self-seeding annual, Crimson Clover is often grown as a nitrogen fixing green manure. In milder climates, it is sown in late summer, dormant in winter, resumes growth in spring, and flowers in May. It can also be sown in Spring for a Fall/Winter cover crop. It can easily be incorporated in Spring as a natural soil enricher.

Clover flowers are full of nectar, and pollinators adore them! The florets make a delicious and healthy tea, which herbalists use for a variety of treatments and remedies. Crimson clover sprouts are easy to grow year round and super nutritious, with a mild flavour and satisfying crunch much like alfalfa sprouts.

Crimson Clover grows to 1-3’ with beautiful bright crimson blossoms. It prefers well-drained loam soils with plenty of organic matter.

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