Cranberry, or American Cranberry, is a low-growing, creeping shrub with small glossy leaves, fuchsia-pink flowers and cheerful, bright red cranberries in Fall. The leaves stay green all winter, which makes Cranberry a lovely ornamental as well as a food source.

Cranberry is native to bogs and wetlands in Southern Canada and Northeastern United States and makes a great groundcover in wet environments, especially with other plants that thrive in acidic soil.

Commercial growers plant Cranberry in wet bogs and periodically flood them to protect the plants in winter, control weeds and pests, and make harvesting easier. A flooded cranberry bog is actually quite a beautiful sight, red berries bobbing across the landscape.

The cranberry is a superfood! They are super rich in antioxidants and high in vitamin C. They can be processed into juice, jams and jellies, or dried as a raisin substitute. A holiday meal isn’t complete without a festive dish of tart, red cranberry sauce!  

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Cranberry Plants, Low Bush - Stevens

Cranberry Plants, Low Bush - Stevens

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