Bush Cherries

(Prunus) Deciduous. Zones 2-7.

The Dwarf Bush Cherry is an incredible edible for any landscape! Developed in Saskatchewan, this hybrid combines cold hardiness, dwarf size, and high quality fruit for a beautiful, compact, high yielding, shrub.

Dwarf Bush Cherry grows quickly and produces an abundant harvest within 3-5 years. It is absolutely stunning in Spring - like a puffy cloud of romantic, white blossoms! Can you picture a full hedge planting of this edible shrub? The small, plump red fruit ripens early and has a three week harvest period. Plant several cultivars for a continuous harvest from July into September!

The longer you leave Dwarf Bush Cherry fruit to ripen, the sweeter it becomes, so try to hold off picking for a few weeks after they turn deep red. Sour cherries have outstanding flavour and are actually much juicier and higher in sugar than sweet cherries. The fruit of late season cultivars is sweet enough to eat fresh when perfectly ripe, and such a delicious treat when dried!

Imagine a pantry full of dried sour cherries to last you all winter? Dried sour cherries are wonderful with pork, in a grain salad, or baked into a pie or cookies.

They also freeze extremely well! The birthday cake of choice in our family is Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (Black Forest Cake); the real deal made with sour cherries and Bavarian cream. Most of our birthdays are in late-Winter and I can tell you, pulling a bag of sour cherries out of the freezer is VERY exciting!

Dwarf Bush Cherry grows best in full sun and rich, well-drained sandy loam.