Strawberry Seeds - Alexandria (Alpine)

** Also available as part of our "Frigid Fruit" collection **

(Fragaria vesca) Perennial. 115 days.

This ultra productive, ever-bearing alpine strawberry is a true winner in the garden! Delightful, scarlet strawberries are oblong and bite-sized. Don't be fooled by their small stature; Alexandria Strawberries are twice the size of wild strawberries and their incredible, oh-so-sweet flavour knocks commercial strawberry varieties right on their hineys! 

Plants themselves are small and compact and if planted early, can produce berries in their first year.   

Each packet contains approximately 75 Alexandria Alpine Strawberry seeds.

*Germination: Alexandria Strawberries have a natural germination rate of 75%*

** We also offer Strawberry plants! **

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