Nigella Seeds - Love In A Mist - Heirloom Untreated NON-GMO From Canada

Nigella Seeds - Love In A Mist

(Nigella damascena) Annual. 70 days to maturity. 

Nigella Love-in-a-mist is simply a magical flower to grow. Plants are petite, 6-8 inches with feathery purple-blue flowers. These Nigella plants are a prime ornamental, even at season’s end; seed pods are gorgeous, long-lasting and ideal for dried arrangements.


Growth Habit: Upright branching growth to 3 feet, lacy foliage with delicate five petaled flowers. Self-seeding. 

Sun Requirements: Sun

Soil Preference: Average, well-drained soil

When to Plant: Direct seed outdoors in early Spring or late Fall. 

How to Plant:  Sow seeds on soil surface, and cover lightly with soil as seeds need light to germinate. Seeds should germinate in 14-21 days. Thin young plants 1 foot apart. 

When/ How to Harvest: Harvest flowers when buds are fully coloured or pods have begun to develop. Harvest seed heads when pods are firm to touch. 

Uses: Flowers and seed pods are both lovely in fresh or dried arrangements. 



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