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Zinnia Seeds - California Giant
(Zinnia elegans) Annual. 85 days to maturity These beauties really are giant! Plants can reach a height of 4 feet and flowers can get as big as 5” in diameter!...
Zinnia Seeds - Giant Dahlia Mix
(Zinnia elegans) Annual. 85 days to maturity. Giant Dahlia Zinnia has fabulous, huge flowers that are super showy in a bouquet! Colours range from yellows, oranges, reds, burgundy, purple and...
Zinnia Seeds - Oklahoma Pink
(Zinnia elegans) 75-90 days to maturityOklahoma Pink Zinnias will add a pop of vibrant bubblegum pink blooms to your garden. In classic zinnia nature, they stand strong and tall, with...
Zinnia Seeds - Queeny Lime with Blush
(Zinnia elegans) 75-85 days to maturityOnce you see Queeny Lime Blush Zinnias  in person, you’ll be as star-struck as we are! With blooms reaching 3 inches wide and a unique...
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Zinnia Seeds - Persian Carpet
(Zinnia haageana) Annual. 75-85 days. These beautiful dwarfed zinnias range in colour from sunshine yellow to deep burgundy, with most flowers being bi-coloured. This is a wonderful, long-blooming plant; blooming...