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It’s so great to finally be connecting with you in this way!

We have always tried to keep Incredible Seeds very authentic and intimate. Now we’ll really be able to show you what we’re all about! This blog will be our way to share more about why we think seeds are so incredible.

DIY seed saving tips, growing guides, recipes... the possibilities are infinite! 

Folks, I am so grateful for all of our customer interactions. They feel like pleasant conversation over plants, more so than serious business interactions. It’s fabulous! 


In addition to dedicated customer support, we are so blessed with plenty of encouragement from our immediate community. Nova Scotia’s South Shore is home to so many enthusiastic and talented folks. One of whom is our good friend Margaret Hoegg. 

Margaret works with entrepreneurs like us who want to engage with their customers in a way that is authentic and supportive. She brings with her fresh energy and a creative, collaborative approach; two very welcome elements for a small, family run business like ours! 

We will be working closely with her to bring you inspirational and educational content to support you wherever you are in your seed growing journey. We are so thrilled by Margaret and with her help Incredible Seeds will now feature regular blog posts and a monthly newsletter!


Margaret is also a long-time, loyal customer of The Incredible Seed Company, with a one acre homestead and a huge garden full of heirloom vegetables grown from our seeds. You can take a peek at her homestead on her blog at www.dulseandmaple.ca

Your unceasing support for The Incredible Seed Company is enabling us to expand in some very exciting ways. Brace yourselves; there’s big news on the horizon. Find out as soon as the news hits; sign up for our monthly newsletter at the bottom of this page!

Happy growing. May The Garden feed you well!

Hilary & Christopher 

Incredible Seeds

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