Full Sun, Full Heart

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This year in Nova Scotia, August weather arrived in early July. According to Environment Canada, is has rained only 65.9mm since July first, but I'm inclined to guess much less rain has fallen on our little hill. Our pond is low. Our well water is lower. Our gardens have grown wild, and now at the cusp of fruition, they're at the mercy of every passing cloud...

For me August is always a time of release. The busyness of Spring is history. The successes (and failures) of Spring crops are now in the past. The longer-lived crops (tomatoes, squash, peppers, fruit trees, etc.) that we've babied all year now depend on the grace of the season. Will it rain? As humans, we want to believe that we possess some control over our surroundings. As gardeners, we live in time with the rhythms of the seasons and we know that the latter is just not the case. After my annual, frantic start, August arrives and I find so much peace in the realisation that at this point, the gardens are, more or less, out of my hands. Que será, será! The Wheel of the Year will continue to turn and The Autumn Harvest will come with or without rain!

With this post, I want to extend plenty of hope and blessings for these dry and unpredictable months, as well as to celebrate the abundance we've already witnessed this growing season. I invite you to do the same!

What treasures have you received from your gardens so far? Have you found yourself baffled by natures's beauty? Did your garden totally surprise you this year?

Here are some of our Summer moments. We'd love to see yours!  


May The Garden feed you well! xo



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