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Heirloom Tomato Seeds - Sash Altai - 57 days

At Incredible Seeds we proudly provide:

  • The highest quality heirloom vegetable seed from only the best tasting varieties.
  • Seeds exclusively from open pollinated, heirloom and non-GMO seed varieties.
  • Natural and untreated seeds with no hybridization.
  • Over 40 new varieties of herb and vegetable seeds for 2017!
  • Exceptional, timely and courteous service.

At Incredible Seeds we are dedicated to helping people successfully grow their own food.

These seeds are incredible!

One packet of lettuce seeds can grow a seasons worth of savoury, flavourful lettuce. For the cost of a couple of tasteless store-bought tomatoes, you can grow hundreds of pounds of unbelievably delicious tomatoes from seed! Food costs are climbing and quality declining. Knowing where your food comes from has never been more important. Growing it yourself is not only cost effective, but a lot of fun too! Fresh, homegrown heirloom vegetables are healthful, rewarding to grow and taste spectacular! We have selected only the best performing and most delicious varieties so that you will enjoy the fruits (or veggies) of your labour.

Heirloom Lettuce Seeds - Black Seeded Simpson

Heirloom Dinosaur Lacinato Kale Seeds

What are Heritage and Heirloom Seeds?

Heritage and heirloom seeds come from old plant varieties. They are the seeds your grandparents would have grown. Today many commercial varieties of fruit and vegetables have been hybridized or genetically modified to improve shelf-life, to increase production, or to make plants resistant to chemical herbicides and pesticides. Heirloom plants were selected naturally for their taste, texture and resilience; plain and simple! Because heirloom and heritage seeds come from a time long before industrial pesticides and fertilizers, they are hardier when it comes to pests and weeds. They had to be in order to survive. Heirloom and heritage plants produce an array of delicious and nutritious food and thrive in home gardens. Heritage seeds also offer a lot more variety than conventional seeds. There is a whole world of unique, interesting, and often endangered varieties out there that are being rediscovered every growing season by gardeners like you. The race is on to save this precious resource.

What are open pollinated seeds?

All heirloom and heritage seeds are open-pollinated. Open pollinated seed varieties are public property and part of nature. Unlike hybrids and genetically modified varieties, they are not owned, nor controlled by any one person or company. They are seeds that can naturally reproduce themselves; bearing fruit that will grow plants with the same qualities as their parents. This means that, if you follow proper seed-saving guidelines, you can save your own seeds and end up with the same variety as you started with. Open pollinated seeds can also cross-pollinate; promoting genetic diversity. When one variety pollinates another, the resulting seeds will have new characteristics based upon those of the parent plants. Note: Cross-pollination does not affect the fruit born in the current season. Only the seeds of those fruit, if they are planted in later years, will contain the new genetic traits. If you grow a specific variety from us, those are the fruit that you will harvest, whether pollinated by you, the wind, or the birds and the bees.

Heirloom Cherry Tomato Seeds - Isis Candy Seeds - 67 days

Goldie Ground Cherries

Why are these types of seeds important?

Because of large-scale, commercial agriculture, many heirloom and heritage seed varieties have already been lost. Did you know that out of thousands of tomato varieties, you're likely to only find six or seven at your grocery store? Thankfully, there has been a resurgence of public interest in food security that crosses all demographic boundaries! Preserving genetic food diversity, having the choice to grow our own seeds, and being able to provide delicious, nourishing food for our families is something we can all appreciate.

A little about us at The Incredible Seed Company.

We specialize in high quality varieties of open-pollinated heirloom and heritage seeds. We are dedicated to supporting sustainable agriculture and the preservation of genetic diversity, as well as helping you bring delicious, homegrown healthy food into your kitchens! With your support, we will continue adding varieties and expanding our gardens. Help spread the word about the benefits of heirloom and open pollinated seeds!

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